High-quality products with innovation and fresh thinking

AirSite AB is a knowledge company with many years of innovation, fresh thinking, and high-quality product development. Our main office with production, warehouse, and marketing department are conveniently located in Lindome, south of Gothenburg.

We have development, support, marketing departments, and representatives in several locations in Sweden, the UK, and Europe.

Our primary competencies include ventilation and FreeCooling, with a focus on quality and energy savings, featuring the main product portfolios:

FreeCooling: DeltaMaster, CityMaster, MicroMaster, CarryMaster, and more.

Air Handling Units: GreenMaster-XXL, GreenMaster-A, GreenMaster-C, and more.

Exhaust Air Systems/Exhaust Air Heat Pumps: GreenMaster-HP, BoxMaster.

We are Eurovent certified, and our products have full support for system integration in the SCADA system Web Port.

As pioneers in green technology, we have developed the market's most efficient energy-saving solutions.

DeltaMaster, our flagship solution in FreeCooling, harnesses the power of nature (low impulse principle) with the market's lowest electricity consumption, and our filter solutions offer extremely low maintenance. Today, many of our ideas are standard in several major telecom companies.

GreenMaster, our Air Handling Units, are considered leaders by our customers in terms of quality, environmental adaptation, energy performance, and noise, and they include features like Modbus TCP with remote monitoring and full Web Port support.

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Energy saving design.

AirSite is at the forefront when it comes to energy-saving ventilation units.