AirPLC - Future-proof now

In 2020, we initiated AirSite, a project to be able to offer a PLC-based hardware to their ventilation customers. PLC is well-known among large property owners for their open, scalable platform with block programming and many other benefits.

The PC Control philosophy and the invention of the Lightbus system, bus terminals and TwinCAT automation software have represented milestones in automation technology and have been accepted as high-performance alternatives to traditional control technology. AirPLC also supports the real-time fieldbus system EtherCAT.

Through cooperation with Beckhoff, AirSite is now able to offer high-performance and reliable hardware to its customers in the field of ventilation. With AirPLC, users can benefit from the latest technology in automation technology, enabling increased efficiency and flexibility in their ventilation systems. Overall, Beckhoff's innovative technology has paved the way for a high-performance PLC-based solution that can now benefit from AirSite's expertise in the field of ventilation.

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