Ventilation from AirSite

We help our planet save energy, and even more importantly, save capacity and CO2 emissions.

AirSites' product line includes the GreenMaster-@, GreenMaster-XXL, GreenMaster-C, and GreenMaster-HP, as well as the BoxMaster. Some models are also available in MiniMax configurations, which feature shorter dimensions thanks to a more compact fan/filter solution.

All models are innovative unit-based solutions that offer high performance at the right price. The entire range can be obtained with or without integrated control equipment. The units have been developed with a focus on the market's need for low installation and operating costs. The GreenMaster range can be used in all types of buildings, including schools, offices, hotels, shopping centers, industrial premises, hospitals, and more. The models have been developed with a focus on the market's need for low installation and operating costs. AirSites' GreenMaster units are Eurovent-certified.

GreenMaster Eurovent

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Air Handling References

Enclosure that withstands harsh environments

AirSite is located on the Swedish west coast and is accustomed to heavy rain and salt coming from the streets and the sea. Our units have been designed for installation both indoors and outdoors without any issues. As a result of our product development, the entire range features an enclosure with optimal energy performance and design. We have employed innovative solutions throughout the manufacturing process, allowing us to offer air handling units with minimized heat loss through the enclosure. According to the EN 1886 standard, the classification of the enclosure is determined by the U-value.


A frame made of aluminum profiles and nylon corners forms the body of the GreenMaster. The aluminum profiles have an integrated thermal cold bridge, made of polyamide (PA), and a sealing strip specially developed for the system.

The enclosure of the unit can be either cassettes or PUR panels.

Cassettes (Mineral Wool)

The enclosure's shell (roof, floor, and walls) is constructed from 45 mm thick cassettes with mineral wool insulation between the Magnelis sheets, providing a corrosion resistance class of C5. The insulation has a density of 125 kg/m³.

Panels (PUR)

The enclosure's shell (roof, floor, and walls) consists of 45 mm sandwich panels made of polyurethane and painted (similar to RAL9002) 0.6mm galvanized sheets, providing the product with corrosion resistance according to class C4.

Base frame

The base frame is a 120 mm high profile made of 3 mm Magnelis (C5), designed for lifting and transportation to the equipment room.

Leakage class

  • PUR: L1 (at -400 Pa), L2 (at +700 Pa)
  • Mineral wool: L2

Strength class

  • PUR: D1
  • Mineral wool: D2

Thermal insulation

  • PUR: T2
  • Mineral wool: T2

Cold bridge

  • PUR: TB2
  • Mineral wool: TB3


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